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Frequently Asked (FAQ)

 How long does re-upholstery take?
The actual time to complete the work is about two weeks, depending on what we find inside.  We usually have a backlog of work that is ahead of you when you sign up with us that takes about four or five weeks to clear.  We can pick-up your furniture at any time if you need it out of the way but we normally pick it up when we are ready to start work on it.  That way it is out of your house for the least amount of time, generally only a couple of weeks.

 How do I get started? Can you send somebody out to my home to look at my furniture and show me fabric samples
 Start by coming by our showroom.  We can discuss your project and you can look at lots of fabric.  When you select a fabric, we can give you a price to do the work and add you into our schedule.  We can do all the rest ... pick up your furniture, perform the work we agree on and deliver it back to your home.  It all starts when you come by.

Can you send somebody out to my home to look at my furniture and show me fabric samples? 
 That was the way that everybody use to buy re-upholstery services.  In today's more cost-conscious economy it is simply not practical.  Actually, it is not fair to our clients.  The cost to send someone out to your home is incurred whether we do the work or not so it has to be passed along only to our customers.  As these costs have risen, it adds an unfair burden to the people that pay that cost: our customers.

 I need my furniture quicker.  Do you offer a rush service? 
 Yes, we can rush your furniture through ahead of others for an additional fee.  Sometimes we can speed things along without any charge to accomodate an immediate need.   Just ask and we will try to work with your time frame.

 I only want my cushions reconditioned.  Do I have to wait two weeks for that? 
 No.  We can have cushions ready in a day or two.  Also, a small project (like dining room chairs or pillows) can be worked into our schedule so that you can get them back without waiting through the backlog.  Usually within a couple of days.  Just ask, we are happy to let you know how quickly we can push something through for you.

 What if I have my own fabric?  Will you still do the labor for me?
Of course!  We can work with fabric that you provide as well as our own.

 The total cost is higher when I provide the fabric.  Why is that?
There are several reasons.  First, you probably paid more for the fabric than what we sell it for.  Our clients tell us that they see the fabrics in the fabric stores for twice what we charge for them.  Next, we base our prices on what the average sofa will take in a particular fabric.  Your over-sized sofa or chair may require more fabric that if you provide, you pay for.  We do so much furniture that the sizes tend to average out so we can absorb the cost of a few extra yards.  Finally, many fabric stores sell fabrics that are seconds.  When we cut around the flaws it also takes additional yardage that costs you (as well as making it more time consuming for us to work with).  If we have a flaw in any fabric we sell we get an allowance from the mill that manufactured it.  It doesn't cost us anything and it doesn't cost our clients.

 Is there anything I can do, as a DIYer, that can save me some money? 
Yes!  You can pick-up and deliver your own furniture.  (We are happy to load and unload your truck.)  We sell upholstery supplies and give advice if you want to tackle a project yourself.  You can apply you own fabric protection.  We even offer remnant fabrics for little or no cost when we do the labor on small projects.

 What can I do to make my upholstery last longer? 
 We recommend fabric protection to guard against soiling.  We also can make armcovers and headrests to protect the highest wearing areas of you furniture.

 I saw your advertisement.  How can you provide the fabric and the labor at such a low price? 
We are the largest upholstery shop in the United States.  We  buy thousands of yards of fabric every year at the lowest prices.  We buy furniture manufacturing supplies in bulk and keep our costs lower than any other upholstery shop.  We are a family business so we all strive to contain costs while producing the highest quality product.

 I live in the Woodlands (or Clear Lake, Baytown, Pasadena, Katy, Conroe) and have shopped for re-upholstery near me.  Your prices are hundreds of dollars less.  Will you do the work for me?  How will it get to your shop? 
We can pick-up and deliver furniture almost anywhere.  However, we do charge for that service based on how far away from our plant the furniture is.  We will do your work if you bring it in or be happy to quote a price for us to transport it.

 I'm sold!  When can you pick me up?
Just give us a call or come by and we will schedule a time that is convenient for you.  Our trucks run Monday through Saturday and we will find a time that works for you.  

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